Somali, Macawisley forces conduct counteroffensive operation south of Beledweyne town


Somali National Army on Friday morning conducted an operation against Al-Shabaab militants at areas about 25 KM south of Beledweyne town in Hiiraan region.

Military sources said that SNA and Macawisley, a local forces in the region learned that Al-Shabaab militants entered Mohamed Hassan location secretly and forces attacked them then fighting broke out between the two sides with reports that the joint forces made developments.

“Heavy fighting between Al-Shabaab, SNA and Macawisley in one side is still taking place. We heard two loud explosions and gunfire from the direction of Bardhere, Beer-hano and Mohamed Hassan”, an eyewitness told Xogsheeg by phone.

There is no official comment on the latest offensive operation against Al-Shabaab in the region by SNA officers so far.